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IBM unveils new Service track in its Partner Plus program, accelerating collaborations and opportunities

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Global technology leader IBM has elevated its commitment to partners with the introduction of a new Service track in its renowned Partner Plus program. This strategic development is geared towards providing enhanced resources and opportunities to partners, particularly in the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud technology.

In January 2023, IBM initially launched the Partner Plus program, offering unprecedented access to the company’s resources, incentives, and support for business partners. This initiative empowered resellers, hyperscalers, independent software vendors, and systems integrators to exercise greater control over their earnings while fostering growth in both new and existing partnerships.

The newly introduced Service track aims to deepen collaboration with service partners such as Consultancies, Advisory Firms, Systems Integrators, and Managed Service Providers. The focus is on optimizing the effective use of IBM technology, with a specific emphasis on adopting AI and hybrid cloud solutions.

Kate Woolley, General Manager of IBM Ecosystem, expressed her confidence in the program, stating, “Adding a new Service track is just one example of how we will continue to deliver on our promise of becoming the ‘partner of choice’ for new and longstanding partners alike.”

Key features of the new Service track

  1. Market-Level Collaboration: Partners will benefit from deeper collaboration with IBM, fostering success at the market level and generating demand from end clients.
  2. Resource Acceleration: Partners will have access to resources that expedite the co-creation of service offerings, building advocacy for IBM technology.
  3. Alignment and Support: Closer alignment among IBM sellers and Service Partners, including shared Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), will better support client interactions, increasing value and driving growth.
  4. Specialized Training: New specialized course offerings and badges created to help service partners deepen their technical skills and differentiate their expertise in the market.

“The economics are clear – every dollar of hybrid cloud platform revenue has a multiplier effect of 6 – 8 dollars in services revenue, and today we are helping the IBM Ecosystem capture that potential by taking another step forward in our partner-first evolution”, added Woolley.

The announcement of the new Service track follows a series of initiatives, including the launch of the AI platform, watsonx, and various training and support programs, all designed to bolster partner engagement. Looking ahead, IBM anticipates that the expansion of its partner program, coupled with the new Service track, will further solidify its partnerships in the technology sector, marking an exciting chapter in the evolution of the IBM Ecosystem.

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