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IBM patents Machine Learning technology for Self-Driving vehicles

IBM patents Machine Learning technology for Self-Driving vehicles

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) announced recently that it has patented a machine learning system, which brings safety to self- driving vehicles.

This system developed by researchers at IBM helps a person or self- driving vehicle to determine when to switch control of an autonomous vehicle between a human driver and a vehicle control processor, during an emergency.

“Self-driving vehicles hold great promise and potential, but protecting the safety of passengers and other drivers remains a top priority for vehicle developers and manufacturers,” says James Kozloski , IBM Research Manager for computational neuroscience and multi-scale brain modeling and co-inventor on the patent.

“We are focused on finding new ways to leverage our understanding of the human brain and inventing systems that can help those enterprises improve the safety of autonomous vehicles on the road,” he further added.

The working of this system uses onboard sensors and artificial intelligence to help self- drivers in the situations of operational and transient faults like tire pressure issues, burned out headlight, poor road conditions, a faulty braking system, improper visibility etc.

This system will carefully evaluate whether the driver or the on-board vehicle control processor (self- driving) is in a condition to handle the situation and switch the control accordingly and manage everything.

In its effort to expand its autonomous driving technology space, IBM had  joined hands with AZ-based car maker- Local Motors, to power their electric minibus – Olli, in June 2016.

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