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IBM, Packet Clearing House and Global Cyber Alliance’s new free service to protect users against cyberattacks

IBM, Packet Clearing House and Global Cyber Alliance’s new free service to protect users against cyberattacks

IBM Security, Packet Clearing House (PCH) and Global Cyber Alliance recently launched a privacy-enhancing technology – Quad9 Domain Name System (DNS). The new free service is designed to give internet users improved privacy and security protection.

Quad9 ( will help protect consumers and businesses from accessing malicious internet sites which can steal their personal information or inject any malware or ransomware into their systems.
The Quad9 DNS is more than a simple DNS name resolution. It uses DNS to protect users’ systems against the most malicious cyber-attacks. Quad9 translates numeric addresses into memorable URLs, while adding a layer of security and privacy before the user actually reaches the web address.

Consumers and small businesses traditionally didn’t have free, direct access to the intelligence used by security firms to protect big businesses. With Quad9, we’re putting that data to work for the industry in an open way and further enriching those insights via the community of users. Through IBM’s involvement in Quad9, we’re applying these collaborative defense techniques while giving users greater privacy controls.” – Jim Brennan, Vice President, Strategy and Offering Management, IBM Security.

Quad9 is different from other DNS services as it does not store any personally identifiable information of its users. It requires users to simply reconfigure their device setting to use as their DNS server.

Quad9 not only protects traditional PCs and laptops, but extends its protection to include every internet connected device or IoT devices.

It is designed to give users automatic protection against malicious websites without affecting their standard browsing speed.

Whenever the user clicks on any website link, Quad9 will check the site against IBM X-Force’s threat intelligence data, covering around 40 billion web pages and images. It also taps data from 18 other threat intelligence partners. With PCH’s global expertise and presence, Quad9 has points-of-presence in 70+ locations across 40 countries and plans to increase this number in the next 18 months.

We strongly support the values Quad9 places on end-user privacy. The personal information protections and selectable DNS encryption, DNSSEC, and blocklist that are in place show that this project is in line with PCH’s values. Quad9 will inspire trust in both individuals and businesses who understand the importance of securing their private browsing data.” – Bill Woodcock, Executive Director, Packet Clearing House.

Philip Reitinger, President and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance – the non-profit coalition, believes that Quad9 will be able to solve much of the security issues of the small and medium size enterprises, without raising their cost concerns.

Talking about Quad9 he added, “It is memorable, easy to use, relies on excellent and broad threat information, protects privacy, and security and is free.”

Visit Quad9’s website to know in detail about the service and browse safe on the internet.

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