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IBM increases Datacenters to enable organizations build futuristic applications leveraging IoT & AI

IBM increases Datacenters to enable organizations build futuristic applications leveraging IoT & AI

IBM announced the opening of four new datacenters; two in London; one in San Jose, California; and another one in Sydney, Australia.

The announcement came one day after the company’s second quarter 2017 earnings report, which failed to earn good revenues.

With this, IBM now has nearly 60 Datacenters, spread across 19 countries to support the global expansion of its cloud services.

John Considine, General Manager for cloud infrastructure services, IBM said, “IBM operates cloud data centers in nearly every major market around the world, ensuring that our clients can keep their data local for a variety of reasons – including performance, security or regulatory requirements.”

He further added, “We continue to expand our cloud capacity in response to growing demand from clients who require cloud infrastructure and cognitive services to help them compete on a global scale.

Image Credit: IBM

By expanding the cloud footprint, IBM plans to give global organizations access to new facilities that will help them build future oriented IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications through proper cloud infrastructure facility.

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With this, clients will also get the flexibility to store and manage data based on their choice.

IBM also says that the new datacenters will help clients meet regulatory compliance standards, as they are one of the first companies to adopt EU’s Data Protection code for CSPs (Cloud Service Providers).

With access to more than 150 APIs, organizations can take help of the cognitive and data computing power technologies which are at the core of these four new datacenters.

A recent report by IDC predicted a $266 Billion worldwide spending on cloud services and infrastructure, which will drive the datacenter industry growth as well.

With this expansion, IBM will be able to strengthen its cloud services by supporting clients’ easy migration to cloud.

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