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IBM brings together Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes with new cloud service

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IBM has brought together two of the top open-source technologies of cloud application development – Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, with its experimental new service called IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment. 

The Cloud Foundry has been already available on IBM Cloud for a long time now. It powers the applications at companies like Ford Motor. IBM has now included the other leading open-source developer tool, Kubernetes as well, on its cloud.

Kubernetes was open-sourced by Google for automated management of software containers. The containers are emerging as a very important source for cloud applications deployment. The flexibility to move across different types of infrastructure without making any changes in code makes Kubernetes a go-to developer tool to manage cloud application deployments.

Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment provides a simple web application developer experience, where the developers won’t need to provision any virtual machine, and will have no runtimes or application servers to install.

Developers will have the portability of applications across multiple Cloud Foundry environments, which can help them to roll out code from development environment to production faster than the traditional methods.

Moreover, it will enable automated application lifecycle management, and administrative control over the full environment.

According to IBM, the Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment will deal with all the Kubernetes stuff that runs underneath and allows the Cloud Foundry developers to innovate on top of that.

“Cloud Foundry leverages the container concept, but provides for a developer experience on top of that. It’s not just screwing around with Kubernetes, but about building applications,” said Don Boulia, general manager for IBM’s Cloud Platform, at Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston.

The new platform has been released as a closed experimental service, and it will come into beta as the company makes improvements to it.

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Recently, IBM reported its first -Quarter results and posted a cloud revenue of $17.7 billion over last twelve months, showing a growth of 22% YoY.

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