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IBM and Microsoft unite to modernize security operations and protect cloud identities

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IBM and Microsoft

IBM and Microsoft have announced a significant enhancement in their cybersecurity collaboration to assist clients in simplifying and modernizing their security operations while effectively managing and safeguarding their hybrid cloud identities.

In today’s landscape where organizations increasingly adopt hybrid cloud and AI technologies to drive innovation, the need for robust security measures to protect critical data has become paramount. Recognizing this demand, IBM Consulting and Microsoft are leveraging their respective strengths to provide clients with comprehensive solutions.

By integrating IBM Consulting’s leading cybersecurity services with Microsoft’s extensive security technology portfolio, the collaboration aims to equip clients with the tools and expertise necessary to streamline end-to-end security operations, harness cloud capabilities, safeguard data, and foster business growth.

“To successfully navigate the ever-evolving and increasingly complex digital landscape, security can no longer be an afterthought – it must be a foundational part of every organization’s core operations,” said Mark Hughes, Global Managing Partner of Cybersecurity Services, IBM Consulting. “Our collaboration with Microsoft provides clients with a simplified, efficient, and cost-effective approach to protect cloud workloads, and effectively manage the proliferation of threats organizations confront on a regular basis.”

As part of the collaboration, IBM’s Threat Detection and Response (TDR) Cloud Native service integrates Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender XDR, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud alongside AI-powered security technologies that drive IBM’s TDR Cloud Native service. This integration aims to accelerate the detection and response to threats for clients.

Within this service, IBM Consulting’s global team of security analysts offers continuous 24/7 monitoring, investigation, and automated remediation of security alerts across clients’ hybrid cloud environments. Additionally, IBM Consulting assists clients in optimizing their security operations to fully utilize Microsoft’s comprehensive security solutions.

By harnessing Microsoft’s complete security portfolio, the TDR Cloud Native service effectively safeguards clients’ Microsoft cloud environments. Recognizing its deep integration with the Microsoft Security platform, the service has attained Microsoft MXDR verified solution status.

The collaboration also focuses on managing and securing cloud identities, acknowledging the complexity organizations face with various tools and services. IBM Consulting and Microsoft have developed a comprehensive solution based on Microsoft Entra® suite tools, enriched by IBM’s automation capabilities and industry expertise. This solution aims to optimize the identity landscape, reduce costs associated with multiple identity tools, and enhance security across clients’ cloud journeys.

Additionally, IBM Consulting and Microsoft are jointly investing in go-to-market initiatives and reskilling programs. These efforts are geared towards supporting new offerings and empowering clients to prioritize security in their cloud and AI strategies. IBM Consulting has trained 1,300 Microsoft certified security practitioners to embed Microsoft-based security tools seamlessly into clients’ diverse cloud and application environments.

The strengthened collaboration underscores IBM and Microsoft’s commitment to delivering enterprise-grade cloud and security solutions, empowering organizations to navigate complex digital challenges with confidence.

By aligning their capabilities, IBM and Microsoft aim to redefine cybersecurity standards, ensuring that organizations can innovate securely in an increasingly interconnected world.

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