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Hurun Announced Honorees for Its 2020 US-China Innovation Outstanding Awards

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hurun Report, China’s leading research driven media company focused on high-net-worth individuals, today announced the honorees for the inaugural 2020 Hurun US-China Innovation Outstanding Awards, including 28 outstanding innovation figures from 26 companies such as Y Combinator, Space X, Boss, Gitlab, UpHonest Capital, Sable, Carbeeco, and Julian Communication Consulting.

Silicon Valley is still the capital of innovation leaders, accounting for 30%; Los Angeles and New York rank the second and the third.

Under the huge impact of the pandemic, several cases of the catering industry growing against the trend are surprising. Chengdu Taste Group, Zihan Group, Junzi Canteen, and Lady M all opened a number of new stores during the pandemic and there is more to expect in the future.

There is a diversified trend in industry distribution. In addition to common innovation fields such as technology, investment and consumption upgrades, many new outstanding innovation cases in cross-border e-commerce, media and public relations, higher education, aircraft manufacturing, and artistic creation also sprung up.

Nearly 30% of female innovators made the list.

Innovation is not limited by age. Among the winners, the oldest is 53-year-old Steve Juvertson, who is already a top investor in Silicon Valley; the youngest is Boyue Xu, Founder of Decode Forum, who is only 24 years old. They have long cooperated in business with those in Silicon Valley, which can be considered as fate but also an inheritance of innovative spirit.

2020 is destined to be a year recorded in human history. The rampant pandemic has forced the deconstruction and reorganization of the world’s economic, political, and cultural patterns. Various companies are trying to rectify the grid in this industry reshuffle where only the fittest survive. As we always say ‘surprise wins’, the robustness of an enterprise depends largely on whether it is able to innovate.

The world’s leading research organization Hurun Report launched the “2020 Hurun US-China Innovation Outstanding Awards” in August this year. Relying on the large vertical database of global high-net-worth individuals accumulated over the past 21 years, it adheres to the principles of independence, impartiality, and objectivity. The award recognizes the elites in business, academia and other fields who conduct in-depth research and comprehensive analysis and who are constantly seeking new changes, going against the current, assuming social responsibilities and delivering positive energy under multiple pressures in the pandemic.

This selection has three sub-categories: Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Contribution, and the Most Promising Individuals. 28 winners from Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, etc., all led the way through innovative breakthroughs in models, strategies, technologies, products, and services during the pandemic. Individuals/teams achieved counter-growth or growth space, and even promoted or reformed their industries.

Other than the requirement of the candidates being the core role of the company that radiates North America’s business, this selection has no barriers and considers “social good” as an important standard. All the winners have shown a good sense of social responsibility that matches their social influence in their respective fields and made significant contributions in fighting the pandemic at home and abroad.

The full list of honorees can be found here.

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