HPE’s new high-density compute and storage solutions to help businesses adopt HPC and AI applications

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently announced new high-density compute and storage solutions that will help enterprises utilize the power of high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

The new solutions are a part of HPE’s Apollo compute platform.

There’s no doubt that HPC and AI have moved to the mainstream from the fringes and now find usage in financial trading, engineering, computer- aided design, text analytics and video surveillance, helping drive new revenue streams and efficient operations. But, these areas need parallel processing and storage means to perform well. HPE Apollo portfolio comes as a solution to these issues.

HPC and AI applications are not exclusive to big research organizations and corporations; they can drive efficiency and innovation in the day-to-day business of every company,” said Bill Mannel, Vice President and General Manager, HPC and AI Segment Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Today, HPE is augmenting its proven supercomputing and large commercial HPC and AI capabilities with new high-density compute and storage solutions to accelerate market adoption by enabling organizations of all sizes to address challenges in HPC, big data, object storage and AI with more choice and flexibility.

The purpose-built new and enhanced offerings include:

HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 System

The multi-server platform with next-generation capabilities and plug and play system configuration is ideal for customers who have limited data center space and want to support enterprise HPC and deep-learning web applications. With support for NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerators, it enables deep learning training across various types of environment.

HPE Apollo 70

With Apollo 70, HPC customers get more choice and flexibility, as it provides easy access to HPC technology, supporting standard HPE provisioning, performance software and cluster management. It is ideal for memory intensive workloads with the capacity to deliver up to 33 percent more memory bandwidth.

HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10 System

It is an ideal platform for customers who want to optimize the retention and placement of large amount of data. It is designed for object storage and thus delivers one of the highest storage capacities. It has a higher performance delivery with 16 percent more cores from its previous generation.

HPE LTO-8 Tape

Tapes are again emerging as an added layer of protection against cybercrime and ransomware attacks, to lower the risk of complete data loss. HPE’s latest data retention solution allows customers to save primary storage content into tape to reduce the cost associated with storing data overtime. HPE LTO-8 tape provides 2X capacity in same data center footprint as the LTO-7 – previous generation data cartridge.

HPE displayed its HPC and AI solutions at Supercomputing 2017 conference, where it also bagged the award for best HPC server and top supercomputing achievement. It will also display its Superdome Flex for in-memory HPC.

HPE Apollo 2000 and HPE Apollo 4510 have been made available, while HPE LTO-8 Tape will be available in Decmeber’17 followed by HPE Apollo 70 in 2018.

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