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HPE expands its storage networking portfolio to meet demands of next-gen technologies

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In a push to provide performance and deployment flexibility for next-generation technologies that require more storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has expanded its storage networking portfolio.

HPE delivers the storage networking solutions through the HPE StoreFabric 32Gb Fibre Channel portfolio.

The company said that the advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things (IoT) create an omnipresent need for more storage, more connectivity, which results in more space, power and services.

It’s expanded portfolio will provide a faster fabric infrastructure and help enterprises meet the needs for modern technologies.  The new offerings include HPE StoreFabric C-series SN6610C 32Gb FC Switch, and HPE StoreFabric SN8500C 48-port 32Gb FC Director Module.

Both the new platforms are NVMe-ready (non-volatile memory express), and are based on Cisco Cisco 32gig Fibre Channel gear. The platforms will provide high bandwidth, low latency, easy manageability, and rapid scalability.

“With data centers only continuing to grow and densify and response time requirements becoming more stringent, 32Gb FC (once seemingly a nice-to-have or a component of some ideal future state) is quickly becoming a necessity. Offering an ideal combination of high performance, footprint reduction and ease-of-management, our expanding 32Gb FC portfolio gives users the flexibility they need to expand their storage fabrics with options from their choice of top vendors,” wrote Marty Lans, General Manager, Storage Connectivity Engineering & Global Interoperability Business Unit, HPE, in a post.

HPE SN6610C has been designed to help customers move to next-generation storage networks. HPE said that it will reduce power consumption and increase visibility with line-rate monitoring for traffic analytics.

The SN6610C can be expanded from 8 to 32 ports, and is an ideal platform for small-departmental SANs.

On the other hand, the SN8500C 48-port 32Gb FC Director Module will provide mode deployment options and decrease the price per-port. It will enable deployment of higher-density directors, resulting in reduced facility costs, and optimized power and cooling.

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“Today’s announcements build on our steadfast commitment to both our customers and our partners, giving both sides the support needed to sustain innovation with velocity as the next-generation storage fabric continues to evolve,” added Marty Lans.

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