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HP to drive wireless Connectivity at Tokyo airport

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January 05, 2012 – HP will use its Converged Infrastructure offering to enhance the customer service delivery and customer experience at the world’s fifth largest airport, Haneda, otherwise known as Tokyo International Airport.

HP is pushing the benefits of its Instant-On Enterprise, designed to converge servers, networks and storage into one single platform, right out to the airport’s baggage functions.

Both handling and collection functions for the airport’s 60m passengers a year have been enhanced by the setup of a wireless local area network (WLAN) spread across the 150,000 sq m terminal which features HP MSM Access Points that can automatically establish the most optimal connection route.

It also offers redundancy if any such point is to go down.

HP said it moving beyond the business benefits, travellers are also benefitting with increased wireless access throughout the airport.

According to HP, “This solution minimizes network downtime, improves the stability of the wireless network and allows travellers to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.”

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