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How To Select A Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet?

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Whether you’re planning to buy cryptocurrency in India or simply holding crypto coins for future use, a secure cryptocurrency wallet is a must-have. A digital wallet is a software application that saves and stores public and private keys plus interacts with multiple blockchains. It facilitates users to send and receive digital currency plus monitor their balance. So, you need to know how to choose a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

In this industry, crypto wallets are an essential part of owning and investing in crypto coins, regardless of their type or where you buy them from. Even if you’re an Indian citizen and you buy cryptocurrency in India, you will still need to store them securely. But since there are way too many options, choosing the right crypto wallet can be a burden if you’re new in the crypto world. This article will guide you toward learning all there is to know about choosing a secure crypto wallet.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Wallet Work?

The first step towards selecting a secure crypto wallet is knowing how the wallet works! When one sends you bitcoins or other digital currencies, they are signing off ownership of the digital coins to your wallet’s address.

The private key in your crypto wallet must match the public address assigned to the currency to use those coins and unlock those funds. If the private and public keys match, the balance in your crypto wallet will increase, and the sender’s balance will decrease accordingly. There is no physical exchange of real coins.

What Are The Different Types Of Cryptocurrency wallets?

Next, it is crucial to know the several types of wallets that provide secure ways to store and access your cryptocurrency. It will help you understand which type of wallet will be best suited and provide you with maximum security. For instance, say you buy cryptocurrency in India, each cryptocurrency is in some way different from another and will have its own features, and one must know the best way to secure it.

  • Desktop: Crypto wallets are downloaded and installed on a laptop or PC. They will only be accessible from the single computer in which you will download them. These wallets offer one of the highest levels of security. However, if your computer gets hacked or gets a virus, there is a possibility that you might lose all your crypto funds. Electrum and Exodus are reliable desktop wallets.
  • Online: These wallets are accessible from any computing device in any location and run on the cloud. While they are easier to access, online crypto wallets store your private keys online and are managed by a third party, making them more vulnerable to hacking attacks and theft. Two good examples are Coinbase wallet and Blockchain wallet.
  • Mobile: These run on an application on your phone and are useful because you can use them anywhere, including retail stores. Mobile wallets are usually smaller and simpler than desktop wallets due to the limited space available on the device. Copay is the most widely used mobile wallet.
  • Hardware: These wallets store a user’s private keys on a hardware device like a USB. Although these wallets make transactions online, however, they are stored offline, which delivers enhanced security. Hardware wallets make transactions easier while also keeping your digital money offline and away from danger. Ledger Nano S is a reliable hardware wallet.
  • Paper: Paper wallets are easy to use and give a very high level of security. The term ‘paper wallet’ could refer to both a physical copy or printout of your public or private keys, plus to software that securely generates a pair of keys that are then printed. Using a paper wallet is relatively straightforward.

How To Ensure Maximum Security Of Your Crypto Wallet?

The most important step is to know how you can increase the security of your digital wallet. Two crucial questions if you buy cryptocurrency in India are, one,  where you can buy cryptocurrency safely in India, and two, how can you secure your crypto coins? Crypto wallets are secure to varying degrees.

The security level depends on the kind of wallet you use and the service provider. A web server is a riskier environment to keep your crypto coins as compared to offline. Although online wallets have proven the most unsafe and prone to hacking attacks, you need to implement and follow careful security precautions when using any crypto wallet.

  • Backup your wallet: You should store only small volumes of crypto coins for everyday use online or on your computer/mobile, keep the vast majority of your crypto funds in a high-security environment. Cold or offline storage options for backup, such as a paper wallet or a USB, will protect you against computer failures plus allow you to recover your digital wallet, should it get lost or stolen. It will, however, not protect you against eager hackers.
  • Update software: Keep your software applications up to date so that you can have the latest security improvements available. You should regularly update both your crypto wallet software and also the software on your computer/mobile.
  • Add extra security layers: More the layers of security, the better. Setting long plus complex passwords and ensuring any withdrawal of crypto funds requires a password is a good start. Use wallets having a good reputation and implement extra security layers like two-factor authentication. You might also want to consider a crypto wallet that offers multi-signature transactions like Armory or Copay.

Parting Thoughts

Selecting a secure crypto wallet is not a simple task, and you should not treat it lightly. It will allow you to store your crypto coins safely. Research well and keep the search going, as you may not find your perfect crypto wallet on the first try.

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