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How to Make Website More Sociable with 10 Joomla Extensions

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January18, 2012 – After building a website, webmasters start to think how to get more visitors to come to it. It is highly recommended for any webmaster to integrate it with social networks and other popular services. Visitors are attracted to easy and interesting websites, and such factors as “Need for registration” repels most of them, therefore ability to login to a website without prior registration, but using Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, makes visitors value such websites and return to them again.

When visitors find an interesting article, they will probably want to save it for future reading or share it with a friend, so a special “Share” button attached to each article will be useful. Many people like to interact with a webmaster and other visitors by commenting on the web pages, of course without prior registration again.

Webmasters usually share their thoughts and ideas about how to develop website on Twitter, and wonder how to integrate those twits to their websites. It is actually very easy to do, as well as to show off the list of people who clicked the Facebook “Like” button on the web page.

Therefore, it is very important to stay social during these days, especially for webmasters who promote their websites. announces the list of most valuable social extensions for Joomla websites.

1. “AddThis” extension attaches “Share” button to each article of the website, making it easier for visitors to share interesting articles with their friends and followers. This extension is a “must have” for every website!
2. “Social Login” module allows visitors to login to the website easier with their social networks accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Google.
3. “Facebook Comments” Plugin allows visitors to comment on any article. No extra programming needed, no need to keep comments in the database, Facebook will handle everything. Comment moderation is also available.
4. “Facebook Like Box” allows webmasters to add special module which shows profile pictures of people who liked the web page.
5. “Twitter Show” adds latest tweets to the website, keeping it interconnected with Twitter. Webmasters usually twit news and their thoughts. Keeping them on a website allows readers to stay in touch with webmaster.
6. “Latest Blogger Posts” allows webmasters to show blog posts therefore keeping them in one place. For example, webmaster may show posts from three different blogs, making a website look more fresh and interesting.
7. “SoundCloud” is a “must have” plugin for webmasters who write about music, or if it is needed to link an article to specific song from SoundCloud. The player is embedded right into the page, and visitors may listen to music while reading it.
8. “Simple Flickr Slideshow” – allows a webmaster to liven up a website by showing pictures from Flickr albums on website pages. It also saves bandwidth and storage space, because photos can be stored on Flickr, no need to store a copy where website is hosted.
9. “YouTube Gallery” – another great module for Joomla webmasters. YouTube channel videos are displayed on a website’s pages with ease, and automatic updating.
10. “Google AJAX RSS” – is a great extension for News oriented websites, this module shows dynamically updated content from Google News.

Extensions installation video tutorial refers to Chapter 6 of curriculum.

This list of extensions will be handy for those people who wish to become a webmaster, and for those who already have a website, but want to learn how to make it more social.

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