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How to Make Apps Load Faster in 2021?

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Do you know the loading time taken by the app is the important factor affecting apps popularity? Users don’t have any interest in apps that takes more time to load. This at times can annoy users which persuades them to uninstall the app. 

The loading time of the app is related to customer experience. The more loading time of the app, the lesser will be customer satisfaction! 

In this post, we will see how can one make their apps load faster. Let’s get started! Happy Reading!

Lighter Code

Do you know a minimized code can lead to better app performance? Also, the app loading time will automatically reduce too. From light code, it doesn’t imply building the simple app or the one with basic functionalities only. 

It simply implies utilizing the best languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc for mobile app development. 

Optimize Images

You might have been heard that it’s better to minimize the size of the graphical contents included in-app. Now, the main question is how to do that. Here we have jotted down a few tips that one can check:

  • Compress the size of the image
  • Reduce pictures size however not too much else it will ruin image quality
  • Add color palettes along with other lighter elements
  • Make use of tools like online image optimizer, Smush it, SuperGIF and so on

Reduce Animations 

Minimizing the animation numbers can create an impact. However, that doesn’t imply that you avoid adding animated transitions otherwise your app will appear dull. 

Making use of animations is something that all top app development companies suggest. But ensure to keep them limited. 

The main logic for utilizing animations is for enhancing the customer engagement ratio as well as it makes the app navigation part interesting too. 


CDN i.e., the content delivery network can be used for spreading data of app across numerous geographical locations. The network can be useful to approach customers who are not present in your server coverage area. 

Also, CDN delivers the data of your app to such customers by minimizing traffic on servers. 

Disabling Plugins 

Do you know adding lots of plugins can lead to the slow performance of the app? For this reason, you must ensure that the app doesn’t have unnecessary plugins installed. 

Also, lots of app plugins can cause security breaches, slow loading speed, app crashes, and so on. 

Optimize App Startup Time

Your app will begin to lose users in case if your app takes time to load. This way customers install the app and start looking for some alternative. 

The best technique that you can use is to control the process of initialization that is running in the background. You can make use of dependency libraries too for writing less boilerplate code. With the technique of code generation, these libraries can minimize the loading time of the app. 

Use Cache

Your app can utilize the cache memory of hardware for storing temporary data. This will load the mobile app fast. Every time customer opens an app, it will make use of cache data for initiating the replies much faster. 

This same process needs to be repeated every time the customer cleans cache files. 

Optimize SSL and TLS

Many apps, as well as websites, are utilizing SSL as well as TLS for improving data security. 

The reality is that SSL, as well as TLS, can make the app slow but that can’t be neglected. Hence, for this reason, it’s vital to optimize them carefully for quick app server responses. 

Also, one can make use of standard commodity hardware for improving app speed. 

Regulate App Updates Regularly

One of the important keys for making the website load quickly is by updating the app on regular basis. It doesn’t matter on which platform you develop your app, make sure it’s built on updated versions. 

Outdated versions can result in severe issues in the future. Hence an ideal solution that one can do is to update the app on the latest version and keep the audience well aware regarding the updates. 

Now let’s end this blog, but before that let’s have a glance at the major points:

  • Users don’t want to wait more than seconds for app loading 
  • Optimize the size of images 
  • Animations have a major impact on app performance  
  • Use cache as they can help the apps to load faster
  • Start-up time may ruin the impression in case if it’s slow
  • CDN can increase the speed as well as can expand the target customer area

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about how you can make app loads faster. The important aspects of a mobile app that one must think about are reliability, ease to use, and functionality for the user. 

The performance of the app needs to be quick, complete as well as pertain to appropriate information that is involved directly with the app function. 

Users’ first experience when using an app is something that is important to consider. Users who observe slow, unresponsive app uninstall the app immediately. Try to make a first impression with an effective and user experience-focused app.