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How to Add Your Skype Contacts to Lync and Vice versa

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Consumer reach of Skype + Enterprise richness of Lync = Enhanced communications experience around the world.

Skype and Lync users can now connect with each other using the Lync-Skype connectivity. Since Lync’s use is rife among a majority of enterprises for IM, voice, video and meetings, Skype users can leverage it to reach a very wide network of colleagues, partners and customers across organizations of all sizes. The initial set of features includes:

  • Adding Skype contacts to Lync and vice-versa, enabling presence sharing
  • Audio calling and instant messaging between Lync and Skype users
  • Management settings for Lync administrators

How can Skype users connect with their contacts on Lync?
Two essential prerequisites for Skype users to connect with their contacts on Lync are:

  • The latest Skype client (You can get it from
  • A Microsoft account.

Microsoft currently supports connectivity by Windows and Mac desktop clients. The official blog post says that it plans to roll out more options in coming days.

Step 1: Use your Microsoft account to sign into Skype. Those who already have a SkypeID, or a Skype contact list that they’d like to merge can do so during sign-in. Those with multiple Skype accounts (professional and personal) need to sign in with the Microsoft account they use for work or personal use before connecting it to a SkypeID used for the same purpose.

Adding Your Lync Contacts to Skype

Step 2:

  • Lync users need to add Skype contacts by typing their Skype users’ Microsoft account names into the Add Skype Contact window in Lync. Click the Add a Contact icon > Add a Contact Not in My Organization > Skype.How to add Lync Contacts to Skype

    Enter their Skype contact information and click OK.

    How to add Lync Contacts to Skype 1
  • Skype users can add Lync contacts by typing their email addresses into the search bar within Skype and clicking Add to Contacts.How to add Lync Contacts to Skype 2

Step 3:

  • Once the recipient accepts the contact request, you can IM or audio call them.

Adding Lync contacts to Skype

  • To start an audio call from Lync, make the same clicks as if the contact were a fellow Lync user.

Adding Lync contacts to Skype 1

  • The experience appears like a Lync call to the Lync user and a Skype call to the Skype user.
Lync Call Window

Lync Call Window

Skype Window

Skype Window

For more information, click here.

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