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How Mobile Has Transformed Loyal Customers

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Customer loyalty is a real asset for a business. Increasing customer retention by about 5% expands profits by up to 95%. It means that getting more brand loyal customers or increasing customers’ retention will be profitable for businesses. Hence, companies strategically implement their efforts to increase a loyal customer base. Traditionally, they were offering rewards points on each purchase in the form of coupons at the checkout counter. However, the time has changed now, and there are more than 3.8 billion smartphone users across the globe. The inception and increased use of mobile devices like cell phones and tablets have transformed businesses. Today, companies are implementing modern ways, like launching a loyalty program to attract loyal customers.

Want to explore how mobile devices have transformed loyal customers?

Read through this article, and you will get your answer. Here we are focusing on how customer loyalty has impacted through mobile devices. Here are the top ways;
1. Accessible mobile rewards

Using a mobile rewards account is quicker than conventional plastic rewards cards or any other manual system. In consolidating your loyalty experience with the mobile payment system, you eliminate friction from the buying process. Hence, you can easily encourage repeat business.

Customers can also spontaneously see their loyalty status or points at any time with mobile reward programs. They can access the metrics change in real-time, rendering instant gratification with each purchase. The gamification of earning points and reaching milestones compels customers to come back to check their status again and again.

2. Enhanced customer engagement

Reward programs within a mobile app can significantly improve customer engagement. The gamification and instant gratification through mobile rewards entice customers to use your app frequently. They can also play a huge role in word of mouth and bring in referral customers (with the improved experience).

Brands can also drive sales with their mobile apps by establishing relationships and building highly customized and targeted offers. Apps are an excellent means to serve content around customers’ personal preferences, such as preferred time, frequency, etc.

3. Improved customer experience

With mobile apps, businesses also have the opportunity to customize the customer experience altogether. They can offer personalized deals, specialized offers on birthdays or anniversaries. Also, the companies can update the visual experience and further intensify brand recognition and connection.

Each one of these elements is quickly customizable and offers a better, more personal experience with your company. Interacting with customers regularly in a personalized manner builds an emotional kinship with the brand. And we all know how vital emotion is for driving purchase decisions.

4. Insight into customer profiles

One of the fundamental reasons brands should include their rewards program into their mobile app is to collect helpful customer analytics. By encouraging a larger customer base on a mobile app, you will be able to track and comprehend their experience in a better way.

Once they use your app actively, it will be easier to form marketing strategies. Combining a loyalty program into your mobile app will help you obtain valuable data about your customers’ experience.

Besides, engaging with rewards members via mobile will help inform your product roadmap. A more genuine understanding of how potential customers use your app and consistently accumulating feedback will help you continuously improve their experience and retain more customers.

5. Accumulate real-time customer feedback

Customers’ opinions really matter for business. You can make optimal decisions and empower business growth based on the feedback gathered. Customers’ opinions can be a voice for your business, which leads to sustainable business growth. The collection of customers’ feedback is much more comfortable with mobile apps. Even you can gather real-time feedback quickly and effectively through surveys, short questions, and polls.

Moreover, once you get the feedback, you can share it on other platforms and let your audience know that you care about their views. The feedback can be formed into the reports and detailed analysis, which may drive innovative strategies to promote business growth.

In addition, reinforcing feedback is about starting a conversation with a customer. For instance, mobile devices can deliver a more personal experience rather than desktops. It is imperative to understand your customers’ journey and to pick out the best communication points within your mobile app’s experiences.

You either initiate after a purchase is made or find any other suitable point to begin the interaction. But, make sure nobody would like to answer a bunch of questions at the same time. So, wisely organize the feedback collection session and insights from your customers.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, the increased use of mobile devices has transformed loyal customers. You can now deliver a personalized experience quickly and effectively and keep them interested in your business (making them loyal to your brand). From gathering their feedback to allow them to access rewards easily, mobile plays a huge role. In fact, it gives more opportunity to attract and retain brand loyal customers. And that’s the reason businesses are building mobile apps exclusive for a loyalty program. This will enable enormous opportunities to level up your business with lucrative results.

Does your business take advantage of mobiles to retain brand loyal customers?

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