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How AI is transforming education: From chalk-and-talk to click-and-learn

Education sector is emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries of AI, specifically amidst the pandemic with the distinctive rise of online learning.

Many products and services that we currently use in our daily lives are already leveraging AI, sectors like retail, BFSI and healthcare have significantly transformed and the education sector is no different. The sector is witnessing immense tech-led disruption, especially amidst the pandemic, with the transition from chalk-and-talk to click-and-learn, allowing learners to access cutting-edge instructional tools that are utilizing AI in multiple ways. The predictive capabilities of AI are now enabling the instructors to understand trends and patterns in student performance, thereby making it easier to tweak teaching methodologies and content to improve absorption and retention. AI can also aid instructors in multiple ways, enhancing their efficiency. This article covers a glimpse of what AI can do in the education space.

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AI in education offers several advantages, helping instructors enhance learning experience and engage better with their students, a few key areas where AI can benefit the educators and learners comprise

Adaptive learning: AI allows instructors to design adaptive assessments and monitoring that have the ability to assess individual’s ability and learning progression.

Content curation and quality: With the help of a well-trained AI system, organizations can now automatically curate content from various sources and ensure quality.

Proctoring and grading: AI-powered systems can help ensure students maintain integrity throughout the duration of the exam in the absence of a physical invigilator

Adaptive learning is a large area and the insights gained from the student’s performance can help create intelligent and smarter positioned content that is adaptive, intuitive, and responsive to a learner’s personal journey. This can further help in shortening the learning process considerably as the system now understands the user’s strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences.

Examples of AI use case implementations in India 

Gradeup Noida-based EdTech start-up offers an exam preparation platform that provides live online courses, leveraging AI for recommending topics to students, analysing question images for searches and spam filtering and content quality check.

WizKlub Bangalore-based EdTech player uses AI and Analytics for ensuring higher learning efficacy of its programs by delivering a personalised learning path for every child. In addition to this, WizKlub uses ML models to establish the performance of each learning item.

3rdFlix’s Practically learning platform has come up with a unique tool which provides teachers with AI powered insights and real-time analytics of students attentiveness in virtual classroom, making learning fun, interactive and distraction-free.

Byju’s built its success on the one-on-one personalized experience that appeals to students as they are guided throughout the learning process in an individualized manner using AI.

HireMee’s ProEx mobile application addresses the online proctoring problem with its powerful AI-based solution that identifies test takers seeking external help or looking away from the test-screen and flags them, helping institutions take an informed decision on the integrity of the test attempt.

Multiple other EdTech players are using AI-powered solutions for enhancing learner experience, increasing course completion rates and curating the right content for their learners.

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