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HostPlate Expands Its Web Hosting Solutions

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 25, 2011 – HostPlate is setting new service standards in the hosting industry. The experienced provider of unmanaged virtual private server (VPS) hosting, announced yesterday that it is expanding operations and offering its premium services to clients around the world. VPS hosting is the preferred hosting option for most businesses: it blends the power and control of dedicated server hosting with the attractive pricing of shared hosting. This compromise offers the best in value and performance.

At the center of being of  HostPlate’s operations is  the exclusive EvoSwitch datacenter in Amsterdam, a hosting center that is unique in the industry for its reliance on 100% green energy. HostPlate clients enjoy the service benefits that come with hosting at one of the world’s most modern facilities: a 24/7 on-site and remote support, ultra-reliable connectivity with 35+ carriers and close proximity to AMS-IX, a 100TB premium bandwidth on Tier 1 network, 99.999% network core uptime as well as a leading edge performance from continuous infrastructure innovation.

EvoSwitch’s green technology is not just good for the environment, it is good for clients as well: energy-efficient solutions reduce costs and improve reliability, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

HostPlate has expanded its service to encompass the entire world. According to HostPlate CEO Navid, clients in the United States and Canada have quickly embraced the opportunity to have reliable, professional Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting solutions at affordable prices. In his remarks he stated that,  “US and Canadian businesses have previously been limited in their choices: only a handful of providers offer dedicated servers, and the pricing has been extremely aggressive.  HostPlate is the first provider to bring them affordable prices and top-tier reliable service, including dedicated servers with 100 Terabyte bandwidth.”

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HostPlate is positioned to build on its reputation for providing unmatched customer service.

About HostPlate:
Founded in 2009, HostPlate has quickly earned a reputation as a reliable provider of outstanding Linux VPS and Windows VPS solutions. The company is based in Borås, Sweden, with hardware facilities located in Amsterdam, but it has expanded far beyond Europe to provide services for businesses located across the globe.

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