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News Announces Web Hosting Affiliate Program and Commision Structure Announces Web Hosting Affiliate Program and Commision Structure

Web hosting provider announced this week that it has launched a new web hosting affiliate program, designed to help the company expand its business through a program of rewarding customers and partners for referring new business. The news comes a few days after  Viux Systems announced a web hosting affiliate program and a commission structure.

As affiliate programs go,’s incarnation is straightforward and transparent. Participants need to simply install a special link on their blog or website. The referral tracking system is fully automated, so affiliates need not fuss with records, invoices and the like. Payouts are monthly,via PayPal and there are no minimum withdrawal limits.  According to the press release the company will offer up to £80 per new account at the highest level, which is for affiliates that refer more than 30 new customers in a month. The full commission structure for’s new web hosting affiliate program is available from the company’s website.

“We understand that choosing a web hosting service is one of the most business-critical decisions for any website,” said a company spokesman. “In today’s market, it’s tough to sort out the contenders from the pretenders. At, we’ve committed to putting quality ahead of profit. That’s part of the reason we’re so excited about the new affiliate program. When people see what our service is all about, they will be happy to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.”

The press release doesn’t include any information about providing marketing collateral to affiliates. also hinted to launch customized SEO and other services in near future.

About combines industry expertise with unparalleled customer service and technical support. With a data network based in the United Kingdom, the company offers its remarkably affordable service throughout Europe, North America and the World. The recently launched affiliate program signifies that the company is looking toward a bright future. For more information, please visit:

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