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HostGator Offers 25% Discount Coupon

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 13, 2011 –  HostGator, one of most trusted and respected web hosting companies, is now offering 25% off on all of its hosting packages. New members only need to use the coupon code “VIP25GATOR” during the signup process to get the discount.

HostGator is an affordable, full-featured web hosting company that offers with all of its plans: Unlimited bandwidth, disk space as well as unlimited FTP and email accounts. All accounts now come standard with a free website builder and daily backups to protect your data. New members will also receive $100 worth of free Google Adwords credits.

HostGator has received many awards from popular and respected review sites. Some of them include: “FindMyhost Editor’s Choice Award”, “About’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards” and “Web Host Directory #1 Budget Hosting Award” from WebHostDir.

They also get positive reviews from their current members. One was quoted as saying, “I’ve been with them for the past 3 years, and I’ve never had any problems. I’ve contacted support twice, and each time they came back promptly. They’re cheap, and they upgrade your existing account with the new goodies they offer (more bandwidth, storage space, RoR, ssh access…).” – Bernard K.

Another member has been quoted as saying, “I have been with HostGator since 17 January 2007. They have been one of the most reliable web hosting companies I have ever hosted with.” – Nick B.

HostGator has now gone totally green. All of their hosting servers are now 130% wind powered which means they’re not just neutralizing their environmental impact; they’re actually helping to reverse it.

Click here to Get 25% Off HostGator Hosting – Use Coupon Code: “VIP25GATOR”


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