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Host The Best Launches New Website Monitor

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January 06, 2012 – “Host The Best; Senior Flex Developer, Mike Diaz has developed a customized software“ HTB Site Monitor  2.3” for mindful webmasters, web developers, and bloggers so that to help them track down the uptime and downtime of their websites.”

Host The Best has been offering top-notch customize, powerful, and constructive software to their customers who need time-efficient applications to have a quick stimulation in the growth of their either small or large scaled business websites. Mike Diaz, multi-talented flex developer of Host The Best, has recently launched a pro version of HTB Site Monitor 2.3 that’s going to be more efficacious in terms of alerting website’s current status, downtime, uptime, and performance.

HTB Site Monitor is the sole solution to survive in the industry thereby keeping your business website on the track.  You can enter the URL of your website in the software and let it active on your desktop, if it finds any sort of abnormality in the site (downtime or slow server or slow speed) you will be notified on the spot through an alert.

The design of HTB Site Monitor is attractive and user-friendly; this application can be installed on the personal PC and details can be entered in manually to put it into action. The application will work professionally thus measuring the performance of all websites that are to be tracked for the downtime and progress, if anytime happens your HTB Site Monitor will analyze it and send out an alert on your display after determining the issue.

Background System Tray is one feature to be installed on the computer; the tray watches and monitors your website while you are engaged in doing other tasks on the computer. When HTB Site Monitor 2.3 finds any problem in the website a small icon appears instantly alerting you on the status of website.

You are not required to install software on any server instead put the monitor on the computer and let it be your silent websites’ monitor and tracker. HTB Site Monitor 2.3 works on any system including Mac OSX, and Linux; even it is workable on computers with LAN and modem Internet connection. The application requires Adobe Air for a rich user experience.

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