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Hivelocity partners with Wasabi Technologies for high-performance, low-cost cloud infrastructure


Hivelocity, the leading Bare Metal Cloud Company, is excited to announce its new partnership with Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company. As part of the continued mission of Hivelocity to offer high performance cloud and bare metal, its partnership with Wasabi means that the customers of data processing can now combine leading compute with secure, lightning-fast, and less expensive cloud storage to power the most demanding workloads, that includes video file processing for the Media and Entertainment industry.

With multiple industries looking to find the optimal balance of performance and price for their infrastructure needs while moving to hybrid and multi-cloud workflows, the Hivelocity-Wasabi partnership demonstrates an attractive alternative to the monolithic offerings of the hyperscale cloud providers.

The main element of the Hivelocity-Wasabi partnership is data transfer between compute and storage is ‘zero-rated,’ providing a unified offering with no ancillary fees.

Hivelocity also provides leading-edge Nvidia GPU processing to power the most demanding applications i.e., media transcoding and big data analytics, edit and render.

Hivelocity’s Bare Metal Cloud solutions provide its users with greater performance at low-cost. The superior resources of its true bare metal solution along with dynamic scalability of the cloud will leave its users satisfied for years to come. Featuring 36 world-class data centers across 4 continents, which is the most offered by any Bare Metal IaaS company, Hivelocity is bringing the advantages of the Edge to users around the world. Now, by partnering with Wasabi, Hivelocity customers can easily and affordably store an unlimited amount of data with direct access to powerful compute resources.

“Giving our customers the ability to quickly and easily add object storage to their bare metal with infinite scalability is our latest achievement in Hivelocity’s Alternative Cloud Alliance initiative”, said Hivelocity COO, Steve Eschweiler. “By partnering with best in class service providers we are able to provide our customers with all the performance, cost and security benefits of bare metal while also giving them access to the most beneficial cloud native services they previously only enjoyed in the public cloud. Wasabi’s cloud storage enables us to provide our users with the equivalent of S3 storage at a fraction of the AWS cost.”

“Today, organizations across all industries want alternatives and flexibility when it comes to managing and processing data with the ability to select best-in-class providers without enormous costs and complexity,” said Whit Jackson, VP Technology Alliances, Wasabi Technologies. “Together with Hivelocity, we are combining the best of cloud compute and storage so customers can focus on business outcomes instead of worrying about their bill for cloud services.”

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