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Hivelocity Introduces New Portal MyVelocity To Customers

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 26, 2011 – Hosting provider, Hivelocity, introduced its new customer management portal ,myVelocity, to its customers this week. Hivelocity offered a preview to a sampling of customers 3 weeks ago via Twitter. Hivelocity’s 6900 Twitter followers were shown screenshots and given access for beta testing. After 3 weeks of beta testing and customer feedback the full launch of myVelocity is now upon us.

myVelocity was developed and designed in house from the ground up by Hivelocity’s development team. myVelocity allows customers to manage their Hivelocity account and servers. Customers are able to pay bills, open trouble tickets, remotely reboot servers, setup service monitoring, view bandwidth graphs and much more. Hivelocity spent several months researching what its customers and potential customers were looking for in a management portal before hitting the development phase of the project. “When we started the myVelocity project, the goal was to build the best looking, most intuitive and most powerful portal in the industry. Some of our competitors have good looking portals but don’t have many tools to offer customers, others have a ton of features but the interface is a maze of mess. myVelocity takes the best of both worlds and empowers our customers with a ton of tools while looking beautiful and clean at the same time. We believe myVelocity will be the new standard for hosting portals,” says Hivelocity General Manager Steve Eschweiler.

Hivelocity plans on introducing the 1.2 version of myVelocity sometime in December. Some of the additional features Hivelocity plans on offering in version 1.2 are a cloud hosted DNS manager, a messaging and notification center and an integrated affiliate system. Hivelocity has also indicated that another major release won’t be far behind and will include remote server installation ability as well as full cloud integration.

Hivelocity’s new interface can be previewed at


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