Hivelocity announces Terraform integration

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Hivelocity, international provider of enterprise-grade Instant and Custom Dedicated Servers, is pleased to announce the supported alpha release of it’s new Terraform provider, part of its evolving public RESTful API. Now seeking beta testers, this new integration means users like you can instantly deploy and configure Hivelocity’s bare metal dedicated servers, all using Terraform configuration scripts. By combining orchestration tools like Terraform with Hivelocity’s new hourly, on-demand billing options, your bare metal infrastructure can now change as dynamically as the cloud.

“If you want to define your physical infrastructure as code, now you can with our Terraform provider,” says Zach Kazanski, VP of Software Development at Hivelocity. “First we automated the physical servers, then the switches, then the rest of our data center, and now it’s all available to our customers via the API and Terraform.” 

As a cloud agnostic Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool, Terraform provides its customers cross platform functionality, that integrates hybrid and multi-cloud environments into a single, unified infrastructure. The website is available on HashiCorp’s official website, Terraform utilizes syntax written in HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language), allowing users to codify the automatic deployment and modification of their physical and virtual machines.

With Terraform’s declarative methodology, simply describe your intended end goal, list your available resources, and let Terraform handle the process for you. Each configuration file creates a resource graph and execution plan, listing all ingrained dependencies and showing the step-by-step process required to achieve your intended goal. Should the details need modification, the configuration files can be updated as needed, ensuring that the execution plan is ideal before making the actual changes. Increase efficiency while minimizing the risk of error.

Best of all, cloud agnostic status of Terraform means that it can integrate your existing cloud infrastructure, integrating public clouds and dedicated servers into a single, organized solution. Whether you’re using AWS, Azure, or any of the other popular cloud providers, with Terraform, you can combine the conveniences of the cloud with the reliability of bare metal.

Now, with their new public RESTful API, Hivelocity customers can integrate the deployment and management of bare metal servers into their existing infrastructure. Featuring support for cloud-init and post install scripts, you can now configure your new servers as easily as you deploy them. Create and dismantle machines as needed, manage resources more easily, and utilize the full power of your dedicated server solution, all with reusable code.

To learn more about Terraform, read the article available on the Hivelocity BlogCan Terraform Automate Your Hybrid Cloud?

With data centers strategically positioned in 26 global markets, Hivelocity is the hosting provider who brings your servers where your customers are. Deploy and manage dedicated servers through the myVelocity portal or public API, and rest easy knowing your customers are in the hands of industry experts. With a world class network featuring a premium blend of transit providers, Hivelocity supports businesses in over 130 different countries.

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