Hitachi Vantara rolls out new AI operations software and flash storage systems to modernize datacenters

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Hitachi Vantara, a business entity of Hitachi, added a number of new services to its data infrastructure and intelligent operations portfolios, aimed at modernizing the datacenters.

The new software in intelligent operations portfolio includes Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA), Hitachi Automation Director (HAD), and Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID). On the other hand, Hitachi Vantara introduced the new all-flash VSP F series and hybrid-flash VSP G series systems to the data infrastructure portfolio.

New VSP systems and intelligent operations services will provide agility and automation to customers, resulting in reduced costs and increased operational efficiencies.

“Hitachi is helping the world’s business and IT leaders respond to modern data challenges by leveraging predictive analytics and automation as part of their larger data management and digital transformation initiatives,” said Iri Trashanski, senior vice president, Infrastructure and Edge Products at Hitachi Vantara. “With the criticality of data in our customers’ environments, there is no room for good-enough storage technology or data-silos created by weak infrastructure. The technology announced today will help create the agile data infrastructure and intelligent operations our customers need to drive transformation.”

HIAA will help enterprises to gain deeper insights across virtual machines, servers, networks and storage. Powered by AI and machine learning, the HIAA will optimize, troubleshoot and predict data center needs.

HAD will automate the delivery routines of core IT services like virtual machine, network zoning, storage and data protection tasks. Hitachi Vantara has optimized the HAD software to integrate with IT service management tools for better tracking and control of IT resource delivery.

The AI operations software have been integrated with each other, where HAD can automate the setup of HDID data protection to provide security against data loss or downtime. HAD can take commands from HIAA for issue remediation and storage configuration data.

The company claimed that the new VSP (virtual storage platform) systems can provide up to 3 times more IOPS (input/output operations per second) performance and 2.5 times greater scalability compared to prior VSP models.

The new VSP models include all-flash VSP F700 and VSP F900, and the hybrid-flash VSP G700 and G900 systems. These systems will be able to scale over 2.4M IOPS and 41GB/s of bandwidth. Further, these models will be powered by Hitachi Virtualization Operating System, SVOS RF, to offer increased performance, scalability and data efficiency.

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