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Heroku Platform API Now Available in Public Beta

Heroku Platform API Now Available in Public Beta

Heroku Platform API is now available in Beta, announced the Cloud application platform provider yesterday. The Platform API is derived from the same command-and-control API Heroku uses internally and hence allows developers to extend its cloud platform to third party applications and services.

The new platform API can be used to:

  • Build mobile apps that control Heroku from smartphones and tablets;
  • Combine Heroku with other services and integrating with developer tools;
  • Automate custom workflows with programmatic integration to Heroku.

Developers can now automate, extend and combine Heroku with other services. They can also use the platform API to perform tasks that could previously only be accomplished with Heroku toolbelt or dashboard, like provisioning add-ons, scaling and adding configuration vars and creating apps.

Heroku Platform API

Heroku plans to collect and incorporate feedback while the platform API is in public beta and has asked community for their thoughts on the new design interface and the ease of use. All changes will be updated on the changelog.

The Heroku platform API uses HTTP and JSON to transfer data and is ideal for developers looking to launch apps without worrying about traditional server stand up and other startup hassles.

For more information, click here.
To send your feedback to Heroku, click here.

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