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#HealthTech: AI use case landscape in healthcare – Guide to start your AI journey

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Patient care and experience, operations and R&D are top priorities for AI implementation in healthcare

AI is affecting almost every aspect of our lives and healthcare is no different. Globally, the integration of AI into healthcare is increasingly becoming crucial towards enabling anytime, anywhere care. My previous article on AI-led transformation for accessible, efficient and affordable healthcare services highlights how AI transformation levers can play a pivotal role in providing quality healthcare services with increased accessibility and at reduced costs. However, delivering quality services in a diverse market like India at scale and at affordable price is immensely complex, especially with the large underserved population, rising disease burden and variation in quality of care across different public and private players.

Therefore, it is critical for healthcare organizations to be aware of the AI opportunities across the healthcare value chain to be able to scale the benefits, having a far-reaching impact. Through the below periodic table we highlight the spectrum of AI use cases focused on addressing specific healthcare value chain challenges that will help organizations understand the best fit use case and come up with a sustainable action plan for AI within their environment.

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