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Hanshow Integrates Green and Digital Store Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Sustainability at Euroshop 2023

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DÜSSELDORF, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DigitalRetail–As a global leader in sustainable retail technology, Hanshow is happy to announce its return to EuroShop 2023, the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair. A better, faster, and smarter world must harness important environment, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities for truly long-term development. This year, Hanshow will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to experience its line of integrated retail solutions, showcasing an array of new technological developments and achievements.

Hanshow’s solutions at EuroShop 2023 show retailers how to transition from traditional retail methods to a more innovative and efficient digital approach. The focus of this year’s presentation is on the new generation protocol high-density low-power cellular network (HiLPC), a communication protocol developed by Hanshow, which addresses retailers’ needs for high-density smart device management, fast response speed, and reliable service, offering a more refined and professional digital management experience for retail stores. Hanshow’s HiLPC has also been specifically designed to improve update speed and performance optimization, resulting in indirect energy efficiency improvements. Retailers can now move towards a low-carbon sustainable future by reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Hanshow also featured its thermal detector with high-precision temperature sensor and a new member of the Nebular series, an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) especially designed for the DIY sector, to precisely meet customer needs and continue to improve the refinement and professionalism of digital management in retail stores. The thermal detectors showcase how digital retail can reduce environmental impact and operations costs. This solution provides automatic temperature recording and real-time reporting, with an accuracy of up to ±0.1°C. Retailers can receive real-time temperature anomaly alerts via email and other channels. The data is stored reliably with SaaS-based cloud service software deployment and platform management. Timely warnings of temperature abnormalities can reduce the probability of food spoilage, help meet food safety regulations, and reduce labor costs and time investment.

Next to the already numerous improvements traditional ESL technology brings retailers, such as increased store efficiency, planning, speed, reduction of paper waste, and savings in energy costs, these new generation solutions are even further enhanced to improve on all existing benefits.

Accelerating low-carbon digital transformation, Hanshow has managed more than 52 million electronic shelf labels through its SaaS system as of February 2023. By relying on Microsoft’s Azure platform, Hanshow deploys SaaS systems worldwide to manage massive amounts of IoT smart hardware devices and solutions, further enhancing digital energy efficiency and carbon efficiency. Microsoft Azure improves energy efficiency by up to 93% and carbon reduction efficiency by 98% compared to local infrastructure solutions. The application of Hanshow’s SaaS system provides retailers with a better low-carbon management service.

Hanshow strives to design and implement sustainable digital solutions and is committed to reducing the impact on the environment caused by its products, operations, and supply chain. Based on its achievements in green innovation, Hanshow has received authoritative CSR certification from EcoVadis and also firmly aims to provide energy-efficient and sustainable digital store solutions to its global customers. Hanshow will continue to explore and actively promote the innovative application of digital technology for a greener future.

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