Four hacks to get consumer insights for your brand

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consumer insights

Most marketers put in a lot of effort to generate and nurture promising leads and push them down into the sales funnel. While developing new clients through different marketing strategies is a crucial step to generate revenue, it is also essential to keep track of your existing customers. Your current users can help you in more ways than you can imagine.

An existing user gives you an insight into how your business relates to them. You can understand your brand value and brand awareness through your current customers and understand the areas of your marketing strategy that requires improvement. This information is referred to as consumer insight, which is an important SEO and marketing tool. It can be easily extracted through one of the consumer insight platforms available in the market.

People use several consumer insights platforms to determine how their consumer feels about their business and use that information to develop their marketing campaigns. For instance, Revzu is a great B2B solution for your business that can help you gather consumer insight and integrate it into your SEO strategy.

A consumer insights platform can help you quickly gather all the information you require and segment it to provide only relevant data. Typically, collecting this data takes even months, and these platforms can do it in a matter of hours. A consumer insight platform is a one-stop solution for you to understand consumer behavior.

While several platforms can help you obtain consumer insights, it is essential to understand where they come from. These are few hacks that you can use to gain consumer insights for your brand.

●  Social Listening

You can obtain consumer insights from several places like forums, reviews, and opinion sites. You can find relevant data from websites that have the same genre as your own brand.

Social listening acts as an alternative for companies to obtain consumer insights in real-time. Every day, several people share their experiences when interacting with a brand. When they see a brand’s new advertisement, they immediately start sharing their opinion about it and its effect on them.

This information is beneficial for consumer-dependent industries such as retail, consumer goods, insurance, banking, and healthcare. Any company can gain a significant edge over their competition if they utilize this information and develop creative marketing campaigns.

Social listening helps several business departments, such as product development, operations, marketing, and helps in international growth of the brand.

●  UGC

User-generated content (UGC) has become an essential part of any business’s content marketing strategy. Due to the recent growth of the social media industry, people rave about any brand’s products and services online. All the hype, negative and positive comments about any brand is known as user-generated content. Any content that a brand’s user generates can be used to get a consumer insight.

When a customer talks about any product or service online, they are sharing their experience of interactions with the brands. They share the good and the bad about their experience, which helps you gain insight into how the brand performs in the market. This type of content is unbiased and directly generated by consumers. User-generated content is considered to be the most authentic and honest consumer insights any business can obtain.

UGC acts as the social proof for your brand’s image, and it works even better than the word of mouth strategy. It can reach a larger audience and help boost the brand’s overall image on a large scale.

●  Call Centers

Call centers are the oldest and among most used ways to collect consumer insights. You gain an understanding of consumer behavior by directly contacting the customer and asking about their experience with the product or service. This technique has been used since traditional marketing because of its effectiveness and is still relevant in today’s world.

By contacting the consumer directly, you can ask about their experience first-hand and gain insight. You can even ask them particular questions about what you would want to know. Using this data, you can collect information about the sales trends, product or process issues, and negative or positive feedback.

●  Live Chat / Chatbots

Live chat can be a useful tool to gain consumer insight because, according to a study, 90% of the customers prefer to converse with the support team using a live chat. Whenever a customer faces some issue or has any question, they contact customer support.

You can collect this data and information shared by the customers to understand your services and products deeply. You can understand where the user is facing the most problems and provide a permanent solution to them.

Providing a quick solution to your users through a live chat will not only resolve their queries but also help build a working relationship with them. You will be able to gain the user’s trust and confidence and ensure a long-term relationship.


Consumer insight is vital for your business as it helps you to understand consumer behavior deeply. As collecting all this data manually can be a tedious task, you can use consumer insight platforms to make it easier for you. Collecting consumer insight data, you can make educated and creative marketing strategies for better conversion statistics.

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