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Google’s goodies to South African SME

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January 24, 2012- With an aim to aid small and medium enterprises in South Africa to flourish, Google has launched its program ‘South African Business Woza online’.

This is an initiative under which the small and medium businesses (SME) will be able to create their own website and register their presence online.

The Google supported program is launched in partnership with the South African government’s Department of Trade and Industry, Vodacom and the Human Resources Development Council. The program is aimed at driving economic growth in South Africa and help creating jobs.

Vodacom Business Services will provide the Web hosting and domain services.

First 10,000 businesses applying for the website can avail the free benefits and services. Under this program, the SME’s will be helped in creating a free easy to build professional website.

Other  benefits include free sub-domain name and hosting, access to training material and workshops, free online support available via Google chat and e-mail, an automatic listing on Google places which reflects in Google Maps and 1 year free top level domain name.

Last year, the program was launched in Kenya and Nigeria with these countries seeing over 20,000 businesses going online within the first two months.

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