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Google’s low-code app development tool App Maker now generally available

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App Maker

Google is finally launching its low-code application development platform called App Maker, after announcing the beta version back in 2016.

App Maker is a G-Suite offering that helps developers to build and deploy custom applications, which can accelerate the workflows and business processes.

According to a research, the custom apps can save each employee 7.5 hours a week, as compared to traditional apps. Google’s App Maker aims to do just that.

“With App Maker, you can shape company processes like requesting purchase orders, or you can speed up business workflows like filing and resolving help desk tickets, as if you designed and built the processes yourself,” wrote Geva Rechav, App Maker product manager, in a blog post.

Since the beta launch, Google has added a number of new features to App Maker, including support for Cloud SQL and ‘Bring Your Own Database’ model. The Cloud SQL is a cloud-based structured query language database that provides high performance, scalability and convenience. Whereas, the BYODB will allow developers to connect their database using JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) or a REST API.

Google has also added responsive templates and samples to make the development of apps easier. The new drag and drop user interface and declarative modeling will help developers to quickly add the design elements they need.

App Maker includes connectivity with other Google services like Gmail, Calendar, and Sheets, so that developers can connect the apps they build with the data and services. Moreover, Google said that developers can use Apps Script to access more Google services, Google Cloud Platform and other third-party services.

The search engine giant has also announced more analytics features and OAuth Whitelisting controls, which will allow G Suite administrators to prevent other users from running the apps without approval.

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App Maker is now generally available for G Suite Business, Education and Enterprise users.

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