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Google speeds up code search for better and quicker development

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Cloud Service Repositories

Google is beefing up its cloud platform at its Cloud Next Tokyo ’18 conference. Among the raft of announcements, the company introduced a new code search feature as it revamped the Cloud Service Repositories.

Cloud Source Repositories is a development service like GitHub that helps developers to privately host, track, and manage changes to large codebases on Google Cloud Platform. It is integrated with other GCP tools which allows users to automatically build, test, deploy and debug code.

Using the code search feature in Cloud Source Repositories, the developers will be able to search across multiple projects, files, and repositories using the regular expressions. It will help them quickly review and debug the code.

Google said that the Cloud Source Repositories are powered by the same underlying code search infrastructure that Google engineers use to perform their code search.

“You get super-fast results and save a lot of time finding that piece of code that you know you’ve seen before. The code search in Cloud Source Repositories uses the same document indexing and retrieval technologies that are used for Google Search, making it work very quickly,” wrote Russell Wolf, Product Manager, Google, in a blog post.

“Using this code search can improve developer productivity, whether you host your code in Cloud Source Repositories or mirror your code from the cloud versions of GitHub or Bitbucket.”

According to a study, the programmers conduct an average of five search sessions with 12 total queries each day. The motive of code search is to find the location of code, why it is behaving a certain way, who edited the code and when was it done, and how to perform a task.

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When any code is typed in the search box, the suggestions will appear for matching results. Google said that the developers will see suggestions indicating whether the match is an entity if the search term is for Java, JavaScript, Go, C++, Python, TypeScript and Proto files.

The Cloud Source Repositories are currently in beta.

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