Google Self Driving Car Hops More Miles

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Google self driving car is ready to locomote its employees to work!!!

Bored of driving the car? Here comes Google Self Driving Car that let you reach your destination without the hassles of driving.

Google’s Self Driving car Project soars to new heights by traveling 300,000 miles of safe and comfortable testing .The major endeavor of this project is to use technology to improve safety and efficiency of cars on roads & to bring the count of the deaths in road accidents to a bare minimum.

Google revealed this project few years back and continuing this week google engineers made the announcement that their dozens of cars employed on this project have driven 300,000 miles without subjecting to any accidents. And these cars are now ready to commute their employees.

See how Steve Mahan, the first Self Driving Car User enjoy the Google Invention.



[tube] cdgQpa1pUUE [/tube]

Actually we are not clear on the how many miles of those were covered on the Google controlled track but watching this video we can see how a visualized challenged person experiences the freedom of travelling in a driver less car.

Google is now planning to have a test of their cars in the extreme weather conditions and challenging scenarios , which drivers encounters in daily lives .For this purpose company is planning to use Lexus RX450h which is newly added to the repository of cars used in this project .

By this project the people wasting their time in commuting can engage themselves in some productive work .After this achievement Google is looking more optimistic to deliver this technology to people and making their travelling experience more soothing .

How will you utilize this time? Tell us in comments!!.



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