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Google rolls out Chrome OS 72 with several new features and security improvements

Google rolls out Chrome OS 72 with several new features and security improvements

Google has announced several new features, bug fixes and security updates with the roll out of Chrome OS 72.

The updates will optimize the Chrome browser for touchscreen devices in tablet mode and add a page about touch screen gestures in the built-in ChromeVox screen reader tutorial.

Users will now be able to access external storage for Android applications using direct/storage and MediaStore APIs. The shortcuts for Android apps can now be searched easily in launcher. This will make it easier for users to find an app shortcut. All they will need to do is to either long press or right-click on Android app.

If users save their files through Backup and Sync on Drive, then these files will be available in Files app under My Drive/Computers.

The search engine giant has added new policies for managing the print job attributes for native printing. These policies will be applicable for simple/duplex printing and color/B&W printing.

There is a new setting in the ChromeVox options page that will allow users to read anything under the mouse cursor. This can be done in ChromeVox screen reader.

Further, Google has also announced the availability of Picture in Picture (PiP) for Chrome Sites. The PiP is a great functionality for multi-window mode. It allows users to watch videos in a small window by pinning it to a corner, while they can continue to navigate between other apps or browser content on home screen.

On the security improvement front, the company has put the Shill network manager for Chrome OS in a sandbox. It will no longer run as the root user on the system. This step from Google is aimed to protect users from networking security vulnerabilities.

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The company mentioned that the updates will roll out to users over the next several days.

Other than this, Google has also announced Chrome Beta 73 for Android, which is now available on Google Play.

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