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Google integrates its new CI/CD platform with GitHub workflow

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At Google Cloud Next 2018 conference, the search engine giant has announced collaboration with GitHub. Google will now integrate its new CI/CD platform called Cloud Build with GitHub.

Cloud Build, announced on Tuesday, is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that allows developers to build and test applications in the cloud, at scale. Its integration with GitHub developer workflow will deliver fast, frictionless and convenient CI for GitHub repositories.

“Millions of developers trust GitHub today to store and collaborate around source code. Working with GitHub, we realized we had an opportunity to help make it significantly easier for any repository to add CI, integrate DevOps practices, and improve velocity and productivity. We set out to build that together, and today’s release is the first step in that collaboration,” wrote Melody Meckfessel, Vice President, Engineering, Google Cloud, in a blog post.

The integration of Cloud Build with GitHub will bring a lot of benefits to developers. It will make the CI adoption quicker, and validate the changes by integrating code often and early.

Developers use Docker for many CI/CD pipelines because of its portability. GitHub’s integration with Cloud Build will further enhance the developer experience. GitHub will automatically detect and suggest CI for repositories that contain a Dockerfile.

Cloud Build is a scalable solution that meets the growing needs of your organization. Enterprises can opt for a single build on their local machine, as well as go for multiple builds in parallel across multiple projects.

“GitHub is excited to partner with Google to make CI for cloud-native application development painless. The ability to use Cloud Build for CI as a part of the GitHub workflow is just the start of this partnership and we look forward to building more in the future with Google,” said Jason Warner, SVP of Technology at GitHub.

Further, enterprises can control the source code used, storage location of build artifacts, and who can create and view the builds. For advanced use cases, Cloud Build lets users define custom build steps, accelerate builds by caching a Docker image, and build leaner containers.

The integration will further allow users to push directly to Google Kubernetes Engine, Google App Engine, and on-premise clusters.

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Following the completion of build, developers can gain insights about build times, failures and artifacts. It will help them understand and diagnose the results within familiar GitHub environment. Full logs and history will be available in Cloud Build’s user interface in Google Cloud Console.

The integration of Google’s Cloud Build and GitHub is now available in the GitHub Marketplace.

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