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Google Firebase releases Cloud Firestore, a NoSQL document database for developers

Google Firebase releases Cloud Firestore, a NoSQL document database for developers

Google Firebase has recently launched a fully-managed NoSQL document database called Cloud Firestore, designed to offer high performance plus offline access for mobile and web app development.

Cloud Firestore focuses on delivering value to users shipping better apps and in a faster way. Android, iOS, and Javascript SDKs of Cloud Firestore synchronize app data in real-time, making it easier for developers to build apps and powerful collaborative features. For the developers who don’t need real-time sync, there is also one-time reads feature.

Android, iOS, and Web version of Cloud Firestore supports database running in offline mode, so that users can access, write, and read in mobile app even on an airplane mode. The data can later be synced to cloud when network connection is available.

Cloud Firestore uses the collections and documents to structure and query data which enable developers for expressive queries. It has also enabled the serverless development which will allow mobile apps to connect directly to database. There are new set of security rules for developers to control their data.

The Cloud Functions can be easily configured to run custom code at the time of writing data. SDKs automatically integrate with Firebase Authentication to accelerate the booting process.

Firestore is a fully-managed product, and a multi-region replicated database. It is strongly consistent and can remove edge cases for developers to build apps easier despite of scale.

Google’s Firebase mobile development platform also had Firebase Real-time Database before the new Cloud Firestore. Cloud Firestore supports more powerful querying capabilities than the Realtime Database, and also it is more structured than RD.

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Google Firebase has already launched SDKs for JAVA, Python, and Node.js, and will be available for more languages in future. The Cloud Firestore has entered public beta yesterday. The open source iOS and JavaScript SDKs can be viewed on GitHub.

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