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Google empowers developers with its APM capabilities via Stackdriver Trace, Profiler and Debugger

Google empowers developers with its APM capabilities via Stackdriver Trace, Profiler and Debugger

The Application Performance Management (APM) tools, which Google uses to test performance of its own internal applications in production, are now available for developers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Google has built the new products on its existing APM tools— Stackdriver Trace and Stackdriver Debugger; in addition, it has introduced a new product called Stackdriver Profiler.

Stackdriver Trace, the distributed tracing system, collects latency data from apps and displays it on the GCP Console. It automatically analyzes traces of application to generate in-depth latency reports. Stackdriver Trace can also analyze traces from virtual machines, containers, and Google App Engine projects.

On the other hand, the Stackdriver Debugger allows developers to inspect the state of a running application in real-time. There will be no impact on performance when developers capture the call stack and variable in source code.

Stackdriver Profiler, the new tool, allows developers to analyze the execution of code across development and testing environments. It doesn’t impact the application performance when developers work on it, which means that the end users will be able to work seamlessly even when the tool is in use.

“Stackdriver Profiler collects data via lightweight sampling-based instrumentation that runs across all of your application’s instances. It then displays this data on a flame chart, presenting the selected metric (CPU time, wall time, RAM used, contention, etc.) for each function on the horizontal axis, with the function call hierarchy on the vertical axis,” explained Morgan McLean, Product Manager, Google Cloud, in a blog post.

Earlier this month, Google brought advanced functionalities and simplified pricing model to its Stackdriver solution for advanced monitoring and logging, which was previously available to premium users only.

Google is continuously empowering developers with new tools. Recently, it made Cloud Text-to-Speech technology available on Google Cloud, so that developers can use the same technology which Google uses its own products like Maps and Google Assistant.

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Stackdriver Profiler is now in public beta, available for everyone, while Stackdriver Debugger and Stackdriver Trace are generally available.

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