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Google Cloud teams up with open source leaders in data management and analytics

Google Cloud teams up with open source leaders in data management and analytics

Google Cloud is bringing the best of open source to its customers, by establishing partnerships with leading open-source centric companies working in data management and analytics.

These companies include Confluent, DataStax, Elastic, InfluxData, MongoDB, Neo4j, and Redis Labs.

The open source database market is growing rapidly over the years. As per a report, over 70% of the new apps built by corporate players will run on open source database management systems. Further, around 50% of the existing relational database installations developed on commercial DBMS platforms will be converted to open source platforms or are in the process of conversion.

This shows that enterprises want to adopt open source easily, and in a cloud-native way. Google’s new partnerships will help them achieve this. Further, they wouldn’t feel locked in or out while using open source technologies.

Google Cloud customers will get fully managed services that run in the cloud. These services will improve the performance and latency between the service and application.

There will be a unified UI for management of apps. Customers will be able to provision and manage their service from the Google Cloud Console. Further, they will have only one invoice from Google Cloud and Google Cloud support for most of these partners.

“We’ve always seen our friends in the open-source community as equal collaborators, and not simply a resource to be mined. With that in mind, we’ll be offering managed services operated by these partners that are tightly integrated into Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing a seamless user experience across management, billing and support,” wrote Google Cloud in a blog post.

“This makes it easier for our enterprise customers to build on open-source technologies, and it delivers on our commitment to continually support and grow these open-source communities.”

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Additionally, Google Cloud will work with its partners to enable integrations with other GCP services like Stackdriver for monitoring and IAM.

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