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Gold’s Gym and FYZICAL Therapy Pivot Out Of COVID with State-of-the-Art Whole Body Cryotherapy from Cryo Innovations

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The innovative California based cryo manufacturer is helping gyms and spas nationwide increase revenues during a long, disruptive global pandemic.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Cryo–Government lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have brought gyms and fitness studios to their knees. The bankrupt-business graveyard now hosts major operators such as 24-Hour Fitness, Yoga Works, and Town Sports International. With numerous states and counties reporting increased COVID cases, fitness centers and gyms continue to face a grim future. The facilities that are determined to survive are getting creative and adding value with boutique services such as whole body cryotherapy from the leading cryosauna manufacturer,

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, located within Gold’s Gym in Loveland, Colorado, needed a fresh offering for a public exhausted from the pandemic. “Gold’s Gym is always the best of the best,” says David Fromal of FYZICAL. “We have built a new wellness and recovery service model and can now provide cryotherapy using the XR chamber by Cryo Innovations for anyone belonging to the gym and more. Cryotherapy is the fastest way to reduce inflammation and boost metabolism,” says Fromal. At its Loveland location, FYZICAL provides a full range of physical therapy services including balance therapy, fitness and wellness, neurological rehabilitation, aqua therapy and even audiology.

Whole body cryotherapy uses extremely chilled air to cool the entire body rapidly for three minutes. Like an ice bath on steroids, cryotherapy can reduce a person’s skin surface temperature by thirty degrees or more. Gold’s bodybuilders and professional athletes alike use cryotherapy to reduce inflammation throughout their entire body, often immediately after a workout.

Celebrities and models such as Jessica Alba and Mark Wahlberg often use cryotherapy for its skin and collagen boosting benefits. But gyms are not the only businesses seeing a positive effect. Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and even tanning salons are attracting new customers by adding a cryotherapy chamber.

Keith Scheinberg, CEO of Cryo Innovations, says, “Today’s customers are demanding health-conscious modalities more than ever before, and cryotherapy is at the top of their list. It helps them to instantly feel better so they can keep exercising with a reduced risk of injury,” says Scheinberg. “Customers adding cryo to their existing business have seen a 20% increase or more in monthly sales volume.”

The XR cryotherapy chamber, designed and built in California, offers businesses a state-of-the-art chamber complete with thermal imaging, pulse-oxygen monitoring, and dual fingerprint authentication.

About Cryo Innovations

Founded by Keith Scheinberg in 2015, Cryo Innovations, Inc. has quickly become the industry standard in Cryotherapy—providing the safest, most technologically advanced cryotherapy chamber on the market. Launched in 2017, the revolutionary USA made XR Cryotherapy sauna runs on a cloud-based Android tablet with a built-in Point of Sale, dual-fingerprint authorizations, a tablet and a web-based portal that can accommodate up to 1,000 storefronts. Each chamber is self-regulated by 8+ safety features—including an emergency shut-off, oxygen sensor, head sensor, fingerprint authorization, and operator-required operation. Cryo Innovations is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of Cryotherapy chambers to gyms, salons, chiropractors, and other facilities. The company is based in Newport Beach, California. For inquiries or to purchase, please visit or call (888) 431-2796.

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