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GoDaddy to migrate most of its IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services 

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The web hosting firm, GoDaddy, recently announced its intent to migrate most of its IT infrastructure to AWS public cloud as a part of a multi-year transition.

The move will help GoDaddy to use a wide range of AWS services, including analytics, database, machine learning, and container-as-a-service offerings. Being a leading cloud provider, AWS will help GoDaddy deliver its products and services faster to customers around the world.

“As a technology provider with more than 17 million customers, it was very important for GoDaddy to select a cloud provider with deep experience in delivering a highly reliable global infrastructure, as well as an unmatched track record of technology innovation, to support our rapidly expanding business,” said Charles Beadnall, Chief Technology Officer at GoDaddy. 

On container aspect, GoDaddy will use Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) for all the container operations. GoDaddy is an early adopter of Amazon EKS, which enables developers to build applications that can run all hardware or software platforms.

“AWS provides a superior global footprint and set of cloud capabilities which is why we selected them to meet our needs today and into the future. By operating on AWS, we’ll be able to innovate at the speed and scale we need to deliver powerful new tools that will help our customers run their own ventures and be successful online,” added Beadnall.

GoDaddy said that it will also use Amazon’s powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) P3 Instances service. This service will help GoDaddy to reduce the time in training machine learning models, and boost the performance of its Domain Appraisals tool.

Furthermore, the companies will integrate GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting and GoCentral (a website builder by GoDaddy) into AWS. The integration will help AWS customers to easily and quickly find a relevant domain name and build a website.

“As a large, high-growth business, GoDaddy will be able to leverage AWS to innovate for its customers around the world,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS. “Our industry-leading services will enable GoDaddy to leverage emerging technologies like machine learning, quickly test ideas, and deliver new tools and solutions to their customers with greater frequency. We look forward to collaborating with GoDaddy as they build anew in the cloud and innovate new solutions to help people turn their ideas into reality online.”

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The financial terms were not disclosed, but it won’t include the domain management services of GoDaddy which include around 75 million domain name registrations, as per a spokesperson who confirmed it to TechCrunch.

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