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GlobalSign Unveils Solution for iOS Authentication

GlobalSign Unveils Solution for iOS Authentication

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 10, 2011 – Business users of Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad now have the option of using their mobile device more securely. This comes as a result of a recently launched authentication solution by certification authority company GlobalSign.

Called iOS Identity Certificates, the solution addresses the authentication of digital certificates transferred through mobile devices.

Specifically, the certificates help businesses access important mobile data without the worry of security threats.

Commenting on the matter in a press release, GlobalSign US Chief Product Officer Lila Kee stated, “We believe our iOS Identity Certificates are a perfect fit for the ‘bring your own device’ era.

“By offering an easy to implement and cost-effective device authentication solution, they allow organizations to balance employee desire to use their own iOS devices for work and the need to protect against unauthorized access to key business applications,” Kee continued.

Examples of mobile access that would be made more secure from the certificates include connections to “Enterprise Wi-Fi networks,” Exchange, VPNs, and more.

Meanwhile, initial pricing offered for the solution is currently $425 dollars a year for “as few as 5 users,” according to GlobalSign.

As a company, GlobalSign offers a range of security services, including SSL, data privacy, malware protection, and more. For more information on GlobalSign’s new iOS Identity Certificates, visit:


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