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GitLab and Google Cloud collaborate to simplify Kubernetes deployment 

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Google Cloud announced integration of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with GitLab, the open-source DevOps platform.

The integration will enable GitLab developers to leverage both GitLab’s Auto DevOps and Kubernetes cluster, which will simplify the complexities related to setting up and deploying applications.

The software development teams are increasingly adopting modern cloud native development practices, using container and microservices. For the orchestration of containers, they mostly turn to Kubernetes. However, maintaining and setting up the Kubernetes clusters consume time and resources.

“We’re excited to collaborate with GitLab to make GKE even more simple to set up through integration with GitLab’s automated DevOps capabilities,” said William Denniss, Kubernetes Product Manager at Google. “We are constantly looking to further GKE’s mission of enabling customers to easily deploy, manage and scale containerized applications on Kubernetes, and this collaboration with GitLab unlocks accelerated DevOps for containerized applications at scale.”

With the native integration of GitLab with GKE, the developers can spin up a cluster to deploy applications, just in a few clicks. Google SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) will manage the clusters, and these will be run on the infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform.

“Before the GKE integration, Gitlab users needed an in-depth understanding of Kubernetes to manage their own clusters,” said Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab“With this collaboration, we’ve made it simple for our users to set up a managed deployment environment on GCP and leverage GitLab’s robust Auto DevOps capabilities.”

The Kubernetes Engine cluster can be easily connected to the GitLab project. With this facility, the developers will be able to easily configure the deployment cycles, and preview the changes before making them live on application.

Further, these changes can be merged with the application and deployed into production. While creating a merge request, the developers will be able to test the changes live.

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The new features are now generally available with GitLab 10.6.

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