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GitLab 11.0 released with Auto DevOps and other key features

GitLab 11.0 released with Auto DevOps and other key features

GitLab, a single application that automates the complete DevOps lifecycle, recently announced the release of GitLab 11.0 along with general availability of Auto DevOps and many other key features.

GitLab Auto DevOps is designed to solve software issues faced by developers related to building, integrating, testing, securing, reviewing, configuring and deploying codes, which is a long and time-consuming process. Auto DevOps automates the complete development lifecycle through complete CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Delivery) pipeline already in the picture, that automates the entire process.

Developers simply need to write code and push them, and the rest is taken care by Auto DevOps. It guides code from verification to monitoring without requiring any added configuration. By removing bottlenecks of development lifecycle, it can increase performance by 200%.

Auto DevOps uses Kubernetes – open source platform for managing container workloads, for modern and scalable deployments. GitLab’s integration with Google Kubernetes Engine further simplifies Kubernetes for Developers who can start using it in few clicks.

GitLab 11.0 is loaded with many other features like:

  • License Management (software composition analysis) for easy tracking and management of included licenses.
  • Increase security with introduction of Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing for catching vulnerabilities in preliminary stage. Other security updates included Dependency and Container Scanning, extension of SAST (Static Analysis Security Testing) to include Scala and .NET.
  • Kubernetes pod logs for directly reviewing debug via GitLab’s deployment board.
  • GitLab Web IDE to view CI/CD pipeline directly from the IDE.
  • Epic/Roadmap navigation update with better user interface and increased visibility.

The new Auto DevOps will allow companies to have simpler software development process, making it easier to kick-start new projects and bring consistency across applications. This release is GitLab’s 84th consecutive product release, standing on its promise to deliver new capabilities and improve existing product line.

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