GitHub rolls out new developer tools focused on collaboration and security

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GitHub Actions

The open-source code repository GitHub announced a number of new tools to allow developers focus on code and enhance security.

Announced at the GitHub Universe developer conference in San Francisco, the new development tools include GitHub Actions and GitHub Connect. These will advance development workflows and break down barriers between teams.

New security tools include GitHub Security Advisory API, and GitHub Token Scanning for public repositories. It has also added support for Java and .NET to its security vulnerability alerts.

The first new product, GitHub Actions, will help developers connect and share containers for running software development workflow. Using it, they will be able to build, package, release, update and deploy a project in language of their choice, on GitHub or other external systems.

“By applying open source principles to workflow automation, GitHub Actions empowers you to pair the tools and integrations you use with your own custom actions or those shared by the GitHub community, no matter what languages or platforms you use,” wrote Jason Warner, GitHub’s senior vice president of technology, in a blog post.

Develop and share actions to automate any task your projects require, building on an ecosystem of options,”

The second product, GitHub Connect, aims to break organizational barriers between developer community. It comes with three features- Unified Business Identity, Unified Search, and Unified Contributions.

Developers will be able to connect to GitHub public data and communities whether their organization run GitHub Enterprise or GitHub Business Cloud.

Unified Business Identity will allow admins to unify the management of multiple Business Cloud accounts. It can improve billing, permissions, licensing, and policies using a single, familiar interface.

GitHub has now added support for Java and .NET to its security vulnerability alerts. The security vulnerability alerts is a service that notifies organizations or repository admins when any vulnerability is discovered on their projects. It already supports JavaScript, Ruby, and Python.

New Security Advisory API will allow developers to integrate security advisories into the tools and services.

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Lastly, GitHub Token Scanning will scan public repositories for known token formats. In case a token is found, GitHub will notify the provider to validate commit and contact account owner to issue a new token.

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