GitHub introduces new code security and collaboration features for developers

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At GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco, GitHub announced a number of new tools that leverage its community data to protect code, provide greater security, improve ways of collaboration and enhance the developer experience.

GitHub had begun its journey almost ten years ago as a platform that brings together the developer community around the globe. Now that the millions of developers worldwide use its platform for various purposes, the company shared its future plans to expand the ecosystem and transform the way developers code through new tools and data.

Dependency Graph

The new dependency graph lets developers manage complexity of dependencies in their code. Developers can now keep track of their packages and applications easily without leaving their repository. Dependency graph currently supports Ruby and JavaScript, with GitHub planning to add Python support soon.

“Development hasn’t had that much innovation arguably in the past 20 years. Today, we finally get to talk about what we think is the next 20 years, and that is development that is fundamentally different and driven by data,” said Miju Han, engineering manager of data science at GitHub.

Security alerts (to be launched soon)

The new security features will use human data and machine learning, so that dependencies associated with public security vulnerabilities can be tracked. Developers will get notified about vulnerabilities when they happen and will get a security fix recommendation for it.

News feed

Additionally, GitHub is adding a newsfeed which will help developers in discovering new open-source projects from 25 million active repositories. They can participate in and find out what’s popular within the community. They can follow and star the repositories they want to see in their newsfeed.


GitHub has also updated the ‘Explore’ option. The users can now connect with curated collections, topics, and resources, and can browse their specific interests like data protection, game development or machine learning.

GitHub’s topic pages will help in finding the projects related to languages, technologies, Android or CSS projects, etc. The users can also suggest edits to topic pages in public repository.

GitHub plans to introduce more helpful features soon, as per the company blog.

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