Giacom expands Microsoft Cloud Portfolio through the acquisition of intY UK

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Giacom, a leading cloud marketplace provider, has successfully acquired intY, a prominent Microsoft cloud services provider based in the UK. The acquisition encompasses intY’s UK revenues, partners, and business operations. This strategic move amplifies Giacom’s presence in the dynamic cloud services market and also unfolds a substantial cross-sell opportunity.

Terry O’Brien, CEO at Giacom, expressed his views on the acquisition, stating, “The integration of intY’s expertise and capabilities will strengthen our ability to support partners in this critical growth sector of the market, while further establishing Giacom as a provider for Microsoft cloud services to the SMB-focused UK channel. The acquisition of intY strengthens Giacom’s market position.”

Marcus Ollenbuttel, SVP, Digital Distribution, Europe, intY, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “Giacom is a business that intY has long admired as a best-of-breed UK-focused peer that shares our commitment to working exclusively through the channel. We look forward to a seamless integration process and to the transformative impact this acquisition will have on our ability to not only support our partners but to add increasing value to them moving forward.”

This acquisition expands Giacom’s portfolio significantly, offering intY’s 1,500 partners access to a comprehensive range of products and services available on the Giacom marketplace. Partners of intY will now benefit from Giacom’s expanded portfolio, gaining access to a curated suite of products and services across the cloud, communications, hardware, and billing solutions.

Giacom aims to seamlessly integrate intY’s expertise and capabilities into its operations, fostering a collaborative environment that adds value to partners. The move is expected to have a transformative impact on the ability of both companies to meet the evolving needs of the cloud services market.

Giacom’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and convenient marketplace for its partners underscores the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the evolving cloud services industry.

This acquisition positions Giacom as a major player in the Microsoft cloud services landscape for the SMB-focused UK channel, offering a robust and diversified portfolio to meet the growing demands of its partners in an increasingly competitive market.

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