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Get ready for the Microsoft Build Conference 2022

Microsoft build 2022

Microsoft’s Build developer conference is back for 2022! Just like the past two years, this year’s Build will also be hosted online. Microsoft hosts the event every year as an opportunity to share exciting new information about their technologies such as Windows and Office with developers, engineers, IT professionals, students, and startups.

This year’s Build from May 24th through 26th will focus on market-specific content and connection opportunities for France, Germany, Japan, Latin America, and the UK in addition to the keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities. Get ready for a live, interactive and engaging experience.

What’s the Build all about?

The Microsoft Build is a platform for you to:

  • explore innovations in coding and application development.
  • gain insights from peers and experts worldwide.
  • Interact with engineers behind the Microsoft platforms.
  • connect with a diverse group of coders and sharpen skills.
  • learn about the latest tech and developer innovations and expand your toolkit.
  • ask Microsoft subject matter experts technical questions and network with others.

What to expect from Microsoft Build 2022 event?

Microsoft’s Build conferences have traditionally been enterprise-focused, but lately, they have had shared some general consumer offerings. We have seen new advances and features in Microsoft Teams as well as ‘next-generation’ Windows coming out of last years’ events. Similar could be expected from this year’s event.

In the last year’s Build, Microsoft had announced releasing new tools for building collaborative apps in Teams, support of Linux GUI applications on the Windows Subsystem; 0.8 preview release of Project Reunion; Azure Confidential Ledger which allows users to store data securely. They also mentioned Power Fx’s ability to create applications using GPT 3 and more!

The Build 2022 session schedule is coming soon! You can expect to find out about new features and updates for your favourite products, such as Microsoft Teams. You may also expect to hear fresh information regarding products like Visual Studio, and news about projects associated with Windows and Azure.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had described an ‘enterprise metaverse’ made up of digital twins, simulated environments, and mixed reality, during the previous Build conference. Given Microsoft’s deep interest in Metaverse, it is possible to get to hear more in this regard during the upcoming Build too.

There is no time like this to break free from old ways and explore all that’s new! Join this informative event to learn some cutting-edge technologies so that your ideas can thrive in a digital world and drive your vision. Register for the Microsoft Build 2022 and explore more!

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