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Get a Preview of Your Next 24 Hours

Get a Preview of Your Next 24 Hours

Meetings scheduled through Google Calendar…Friends’ Birthday & Events at Facebook…..profile of people you are meeting at Linkedin.  Do you really get a time to visit all of them one by one & check out what you are going to be doing today? Well with Sunrise you need not. Sunrise combines Facebook, Google Calendar, LinkedIn to deliver you the schedule for the day in just a single email.

The service connects with Google calendars, Facebook, and LinkedIn to collect information about your upcoming day. Birthdays and events are pulled from Facebook, appointments and reminders from your Google calendars, and profiles of the people with whom you’re meeting from LinkedIn.

At any point of time individual can unlink its account (whose updates they don’t want to have) from Sunrise. In addition, users also get to know about weather updates in the same email.  All the above things will be delivered to the individual’s account each morning at the crack of dawn.

Keep track of your day important events with Sunrise. Just go to  and sign up with all your three accounts and get started with this fascinating app.

Did you like Sunrise crisp email? Did it really help you in organizing your day? Tell us in the comments.

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