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Gen-I Selected by Westpac to Provide Data Center Operations

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 1, 2011 – New Zealand-based Gen-i, the ICT arm of Telecom New Zealand, said its Auckland Tier III data center facility has been selected to house the data center operations of Australian and New Zealand-based bank Westpac.

Gen-i has been selected to design and build the data center for Westpac to use early next year in place of its Nelson Street facility, also in Auckland.Gen-i will also provide data center services for the next 10 years for the bank, the second largest in New Zealand and one of Australia’s ‘big four’.

Gen-i already provides ICT services across all of Westpac’s branch offices, and according to Westpac general manager for customer and technology services Jim Staqback, this new contract will help it ensure network scale, interconnection and energy efficiency with the delivery of these services.

He said Gen-i had proved itself during the recent New Zealand earthquake, which devastated the town of Canterbury, keeping its data centers operational, and that the new Westpac facility will feature highly seismic rated buildings and a high resilient infrastructure design.

Westpac also signed an agreement with IBM this month for key IT infrastructure services, including mainframes and midrange systems, storage, security, data center raised floor services and data center network services.

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This agreement runs for five years to 2017 and will include new automation tools to help provision and manage the IT environment to reduce the timeframe seen brining new IT solutions to market.

About Gen-i
Gen-I uses technology to bring about the best possible business outcomes for its customers in Australia and New Zealand. Specifically, this means integrating IT and telecommunications services to create converged ICT solutions. Those solutions are serviced and supported by people who are proud to be experts at what they do, industry partners who are truly world class, and resources that set the benchmarks for the rest of the industry in terms of breadth, functionality and scale.

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