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Funniest Tweets on the Trend – 83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake

Facebook or Fakebook?

In a 10-Q filing, Facebook acknowledged that a total of 8.7% — or 83 million — accounts on the network are bogus. Of that 8.7%, 4.8% are duplicate accounts, 2.4% are usermisclassified accounts and 1.5% are “undesirable” accounts, a.k.a. spam. See how Twitter got flooded with the funniest tweets on the Trend #83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake


BoyBelieb Dylan  ‏@TheBieberZot_

83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake : whatever xD i have twitter :p


83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake. post it on facebook. why its trending on twitter. lol idgaf

BHAKSALA ‏@bhak_sala

83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake; I really doubt my identity now

TD ‏@Tomm_Dogg

83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake. Don’t be surprised. More than that exist in real World.


83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake ? So you’re saying I’m not actually in a relationship with Anne Hathaway? I DO NOT like this!

Reply through comments if you too tweeted something more funny than the above tweets for #83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake


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