Free Server Monitoring from Bitronic Technologies

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Websites and servers do not work auto-magically, there are many errors and causes for downtime. The key is to be alert and minimize down-times  This is exactly what Bitronic Website Monitoring does for clients. Bitronic Technologies has infrastructure around the globe that allows clients to be sure that their website, DNS, mail server, etcetera are working by automatically testing them as often as every minute. That way if there is a problem, the site owner will be the first to know, not customers or clients.

For any business or person with an online presence, it is important that one’s website and other online services are available to customers, clients and visitors 24/7. However, all websites have occasional problems, whether the reason is external or internal, and there is a significant risk that the site owner will be unaware of these problems when they occur. Just because the company website is accessible from inside the company, does not necessarily mean it is available from the greater Internet.

Poor online availability can become costly both in terms of lost goodwill and lost business opportunities. The Internet is more and more becoming the main point of contact, and if a business is not there to be seen, it becomes invisible.

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